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A Fantasy story for 9-12 year olds

The Sapphire Crystal

Melina and her friend Lisa cannot understand why they have developed magical powers - until they are whisked away from their homes in the middle of the night by the Gamlyns, a race of small, green people from another world and another time. The Gamlyns derive special powers from an extraordinary sapphire crystal hidden deep inside a cave. It seems that one of their race has learned to use its powers for her own wicked purposes, and her quest for power is threatening both the Gamlyns' world and our own. Melina and Lisa learn that they have a vital - and dangerous - part to play in helping the Gamlyns to save both worlds from destruction.

The Lost Shard

Melina and her friend Lisa had thought their adventures in the strange world of the gamlyns were over – until Melina receives a telepathic message from their gamlyn friend Huron telling them that their help is needed urgently because the magical Sapphire Crystal is being used against the gamlyns. Before the girls can be transported back to Lia, the gamlyns’ world, Melina must find a tiny shard from the crystal which has mysteriously disappeared…

Glow Worms

A Sc-Fi story for 9-12 year olds

When young Jack makes a mysterious discovery in an old well, he soon finds himself in a strange alliance with an alien visitor.

Young Jack Burrows leads a peaceful life with his uncle and aunt in a quiet Cornish seaside village – until a mission to retrieve a lost phone from an old well leads him and his friend Ryan to the discovery of some strange green worm-like creatures, trapped inside the stones of the well. After releasing them, the boys join forces with a winged alien to fight a terrible beast they have created.

A thrilling story of shape-shifters, invisible forces and battles in the dark.

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