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Welcome to the home of The Sapphire Crystal, where I hope you'll spend many an intriguing moment looking around. Here you'll find details of The Sapphire Crystal, as well as other books I've released into the world.

If I had to describe my books I'd call them action-packed adventures with just a splash of humour.

All books are available as paperbacks and eBooks, and can be purchased from larger high-street book shops and on Amazon.

 The Lost Shard the greatly anticipated sequel to The Sapphire Crystal has now also been released.

The Lost Shard (The Sapphire Crystal, book  2)

Melina and her friend Lisa had thought their adventures in the strange world of the gamlyns were over – until Melina receives a telepathic message from their gamlyn friend Huron telling them that their help is needed urgently because the magical Sapphire Crystal is being used against the gamlyns. Before the girls can be transported back to Lia, the gamlyns’ world, Melina must find a tiny shard from the crystal which has mysteriously disappeared…

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